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Scheduled Branch Delivery: Drivers are assigned to our customers on a daily basis to provide dedicated delivery services. Many financial Institutions as well as companies with multiple locations utilize this service.

On-Demand Service: Directly after you place your call, we will dispatch our driver to pickup up your shipment and deliver it directly to it's final destination.

Facilities Management: A substantial number of our clients have outsourced their messenger and courier departments to Carolina Express Courier Systems. We provide computerization, communications, logistic support and an experienced dispatch staff.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment: Carolina Express Courier Systems can warehouse your parts, pull an order and deliver it, with only a phone call or a FAX from your office.

Truck Service: We have straight trucks available for dedicated large shipment requirements.

Next Jet Out Service: Carolina Express Courier Systems provides same day Nationwide delivery of your time critical shipments. Our Service Reps will determine fastest routing and will make all necessary arrangements for shipping and delivery.

For additional information or service please call (704) 364-9615.